Weight Gainer Powder For Muscle Building

Weight Gainer

Taking a weight gainer can be very helpful if you’re an ectomorph hardgainer as a quality gainer can provide you with the much needed calories that required to support muscle growth.

Look for a high quality weight-gain powder which contains quality protein from whey, mostly low-glycemic complex carbohydrates and a good dose of healthy (omega-3) fats plus dietary fiber.

Stay away from sugar loaded weight-gainer powder which contains high fructose corn syrup and inferior protein sources such as soy.

Always make sure to read the nutrition label when trying to select a high quality weight-gainer to be sure that you’re not loading up on useless sugar which your body will convert into fat.

Also, most weight-gainers now days are filled with maltodextrin, which is a very high glycemic carbohydrate that will cause an unwanted insulin (blood sugar) spike.

If do choose to take a weight-gainer, be sure to carefully scan the nutrition label for this cheap filler that most manufacturers fill their weight-gainer product with.

Do You Need a Weight-Gainer In Order To Build Muscle?

If you’re just starting out training with weights in order to build muscle mass and you have fast metabolism, you can certainly consider using a high-quality weight-gainer supplement in order to meet your daily caloric needs for muscle growth.

Since most weight-gainers contain enormous amounts of calories per serving, I’d recommend that you only use it only once a day, and not 2 or 3 times per day like most weight gain products recommend.

As I’ve already explained throughout this site and especially on this page, in order to make optimal gains in muscle size and strength, the majority of your calories must come from whole food animal and plant based sources such as beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, whole-wheat pasta as well as a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables.

However, if you’ve already gained some decent muscle mass and you have an average or slow metabolism, a weight-gainer will probably not help you gain any more muscle mass and will probably just lead to excessive fat gain.

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