Waxy Maize Starch For Post Workout Recovery

Waxy maize starch is derived from corn starch and it’s considered a complex carbohydrate, but unlike other complex carbohydrates, it digest very quickly once consumed. It contains a substance called amylopectin which is insoluble (indigestible) and has a very high molecular weight.

Waxy-maize does not contain any starch molecules from amylose, which makes it different compared to other maize substances that contain both amylose and amylopectin.

Waxy-maize has been around since the 1900’s and it was the main source of starch in the United States during the early part of that century.

How Can Waxy Maize Help You Build Muscle?

As a dietary supplement, bodybuilders and anyone else looking to increase workout recovery and performance can benefit from supplementing with waxy-maize.

Due to its rapid digestion in the body, waxy-maize is quickly absorbed into muscle tissue where it replenishes depleted carbohydrate stores from intense weight training and cardio exercise.

Simply put, the faster you replenish your depleted carbohydrates stores, the faster you’ll recover from your workout and the faster you can get back into the gym to do another all out training session.

The recommended dosage of waxy-maize starch post workout is approximately 35 to 40 grams. The amount you’ll want to consume will also vary depending on your bodyweight.

If you weight over 200 pounds (with mostly lean muscle mass), then I recommend you can double the recommended dosage post workout.

Does Waxy Maize Have Any Side Effects?

Waxy-maize starch is safe to use at the recommended dosages. Since it’s derived from a natural food source, it’s safe to consume even in very large quantities.

However, just like any other fast digesting carbohydrate, you have to monitor your intake so that you don’t consume too much which will just lead to excessive fat gain and not muscle gains.

I recommend that you mix the recommended dosage with either water or low-fat milk immediately post workout along with whey protein .

If you perform more cardio, you can try taking it while you workout for sustained energy levels.

If you prefer, you can mix waxy-maize starch with dextrose or maltodextrin along with whey protein and see if a high glycemic carb blend helps you recover better and faster as opposed to only taking waxy maize by itself (along with protein) post-workout.

Be aware that too much of any type of fast digesting carbohydrate is not a good thing since any excess carbs that your body does not use will get stored as body fat once your muscle carbohydrate (glycogen) stores are filled up.

Remember, more is not always better, thus you should stick to the recommended dosage of waxy-maize in order to avoid unwanted fat gain when you’re in a mass building phase.

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