Tribulus terrestris is an herb that grows in various different parts of the world and has many different uses in different cultures. It has been used by bodybuilders for decades and it’s known as a “natural” testosterone booster.

However,`tribulus does not directly increase testosterone levels, but rather, it increases your bodys luteinizing hormone (LH). Luteinizing hormone signals the body to produce more testosterone, and higher testosterone levels lead to an increase in muscle size and strength.

For the majority of guys, testosterone levels tend to decrease slightly each year after the age of 30. Therefore, supplementing with a natural testosterone boosting substance such as`tribulus can help keep testosterone levels elevated, which will have a direct impact on muscle and strength gains.

If you’re over the age of 30 and you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels naturally, give`tribulus a try and see if you experience an increase in muscle size and strength.

Look for a`tribulus product which contains a minimum of 70% saponins, which is the main ingredient in`tribulus products.

The research on`tribulus is not solid and there aren’t any studies that prove`tribulus supplementation has a direct impact on increasing muscle size and strength. Most men report increased energy levels, higher libido (sex drive), more strength and muscle mass gains when combining`tribulus with a weight training program and muscle building diet.

Does Tribulus Cause Any Side Effects?

According to scientific literature, no significant side-effects have been reported in human subjects who were using`tribulus on a daily basis. Since`tribulus is a natural plant compound, it does not interfere with your bodys natural testosterone production.

Most healthy males under the age of 30 should not need supplements to increase testosterone levels since testosterone levels are already high in most young men between the ages 18 to 30.

To sum up, this supplement might be worth a try if you’re over the age of 30, and you’re looking for a mild testosterone and libido boost. Give it a try if you have low testosterone levels and see how well it works for you.

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