Sucrose For Muscle Building & Workout Recovery


Sucrose is the most commonly used form of sugar in the world. Whenever you see the word ‘sugar’ in the ingredients list of a product, it’s most likely`sucrose.

Table sugar is derived from the sugar cane, which look similar to a bamboo stick. Table sugar ranks very high on the glycemic index since it’s a pure form of simple carbohydrates.

When you’re in a mass building phase, you can benefit from consuming`sucrose immediately post workout as it will elevate your insulin levels and deliver vital nutrients into muscle tissue, which will also speed up muscle recovery from intense weight training.

While you could get a good dose of table sugar from eating sugary junk food post-workout, I don’t recommend you do that because candy is also loaded with excessive dietary fat and empty calories.

Like I’ve mentioned in the article on simple carbohydrates, the majority of your carbohydrate intake should come from complex slow-digesting sources and not fast digesting sources.

What Is The Best Time To Consume Sucrose?

Post-workout is the only time that you should consume fast digesting carbohydrates as they will act to spike (increase) insulin levels which acts as a transporter to deliver protein and other nutrients into muscle tissue during the critical post workout period.

To prevent unnecessary insulin spikes and to avoid excessive fat gain, stay away from`sucrose at all other times. Remember, building muscle mass is not all about consuming huge amounts of calories from everywhere and anywhere, it’s about consuming the right types of calories from quality whole food sources.

I recommend hat you consume`sucrose immediately post workout along with whey protein and creatine for best results.`Sucrose is a good source of fast digesting carbohydrates, however, dextrose is a superior source post-workout as it digests even faster than`sucrose which is a good thing post-workout.

The reason being is that dextrose is already in the form of glucose before it enters your bloodstream, whereas in`sucrose is not, thus your body has to convert sucrose into glucose before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

This added conversion process makes`sucrose slightly slower digesting than dextrose. Nonetheless, if you do not have access to dextrose where you live,`sucrose is still a good choice for post workout recovery shakes.

I recommend that you take approximately 40 to 60 grams of`sucrose immediately after your training sessions along with a high quality whey protein powder. If you’re in a mass building phase, add some creatine for the perfect post-workout anabolic muscle building/recovery shake.

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