Maltodextrin is a popular ingredient in many different processed and packaged foods and it’s classified as a polysaccharide.

Like table sugar, malto dextrin is sweet but unlike table sugar , it contains slightly less calories per gram.

Malto dextrin is derived from either corn, rice or potato starch and it’s produced when the starch gets cooked/processed. Its simple structure means that it’s broken down very rapidly once consumed with no other nutrients to slow its digestion.

Since it’s very high on the glycemic index, malto dextrin is perfect to use for post workout recovery when mixed with whey protein powder .

It’s very fast digestion rate ensures that it will hit your bloodstream quickly to stop muscle wasting in the critical post-workout period.

Since malto dextrin is derived from foods that we already eat, it’s considered a natural substance that most people can tolerate and it’s also a bit less sweet than table sugar.

For muscle growth and workout recovery, add malto dextrin into your post workout shake.

Some studied suggest that malto dextrin is best used along with dextrose in order to further spike insulin levels for better nutrient delivery and thus, more muscle growth.

Weather or not combining malto dextrin with dextrose post-workout is better than using it by itself is something that you’ll have to experiment with yourself.

If you do decide give malto dextrin a try, consume about 40 to 60 grams immediately post-workout along with your whey protein shake for optimal results.

If you decide to combine it with dextrose, use about 30 grams of malto dextrin with approximately 20 to 30 grams of dextrose.

Since maltodextrin will cause a sharp spike in insulin levels, you should stay away from consuming it during any other times.

Instead, consume slow-digesting carbohydrates which will give you sustained energy over several hours.

Also, slower digesting carbohydrates are much less likely to be stored as bodyfat since they do not cause a rapid spike in insulin like fast-digesting carbohydrates.

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