How To Get Big Arms In 5 Simple Steps

Get Big Arms

It's safe to say that every guy who’s ever stepped foot into a gym did so with the intention to get big arms.

However, most guys don’t take the proper steps in their workout routine when training arms, thus their chances of building huge “guns” are very slim.

You see, your arm muscles (biceps, triceps and forearms) are very small compared to your chest, back and legs. Far too many trainees make the mistake of training arms (especially biceps) far too often and with too many sets.

Training your arms should not take hours and it should not be complicated. Follow these 5 simple and proven steps and you’ll have an amazing pair of “guns” not too long from today.

1st Step To Get Big Arms: Focus Primarily On Compound Movements

To build the biceps, triceps and forearms, nothing comes close to compound movements with good old free weights. Free weights allow for the greatest range of motion and mirror your muscles natural movement.

No machine will ever give you the same stimulation as good old dumbbells and barbells because machines restrict your movement to a linear plane of motion. If you really like training with machines or cables then I recommend you finish off your workout on a machine, but never begin your workouts on one.

2nd Step To Get Big Arms: Keep Your Arm Workouts Short

This counts not only for the arms but for every other bodypart as well. To develop truly impressive biceps and triceps I recommend you train them on their own day instead of at the end of your chest and/or back workouts.

This will let you put 100% focus and intensity into doing arms thus resulting in better and faster gains. Remember that the biceps and triceps are very small muscles and there’s absolutely no reason to spend 2 hours at the gym working them.

Your arm workouts should last no longer than 1 hour. This is more than enough time as you’ll have 20 minutes for biceps, 20 minutes for triceps and 20 minutes for forearms.

Unless your forearms tend to grow and respond well from biceps training, then you can spend a half hour on biceps and triceps each and skip forearms.

Remember that the law of diminishing returns applies especially well to weight training. Your arms will get plenty of indirect work from back and chest training so you don’t need to do too much for the biceps and triceps.

3rd Step To Get Big Arms: Always Focus On Quality

Quality means performing each and every single set and repetition with 100% focus and intensity. If you’re not putting every ounce of energy into each set then you your arms simply won’t grow as fast and big as you’d like them to.

I see far too many trainees at the gym using too much weight and momentum and not focusing on making the biceps and triceps do the work.

Focus on making the muscle do the work and focus on getting an intense contraction at the end of each repetition. Squeeze your biceps hard for a second before lowering the weights on any curling movement and lock out your elbows at the top for any triceps movement.

4th Step To Get Big Arms: Keep Your Rest Periods Short

Your rest period in-between sets should take no longer than 2 minutes or 120 seconds. 2 minutes is just long enough to let most of the lactic acid that accumulates during an intense set flush out of your muscles but not long enough so that you lose your pump and your muscles get cold.

Research has shown that taking shorter rest periods in between sets increases your body’s growth hormone production which will directly lead to more muscle mass.

Research also indicates that 2 minutes is an optimal time for hypertrophy or muscle growth and that anything less is better for developing muscle endurance and anything more than 3 minutes is best for developing muscle power.

5th Step To Get Big Arms: Train Heavy

Too many guys completely misunderstand the concept of training heavy, especially while working the arms. Never choose quantity over quality in your arm workouts but rather quality AND quantity.

Perform 8 to 12 repetitions for biceps and triceps on every set and focus on reaching failure on at least one set for each exercise.

If you’re able to do more than 12 repetitions on any arm exercise than you are not using enough weight to stimulate the type 2b muscle fibers which are mainly responsible for muscle growth.

Performing less than 6 repetitions will not recruit many of those same type 2b muscle fibers thus leading to less muscle growth.

Follow these 5 simple and proven steps in your arm workouts and you’re guaranteed to get big arms and have a bigger and stronger pair of guns in no time at all.

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