15 Tips To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

gain lean muscle mass

Most guys want to gain lean muscle mass and attain a muscular body that stands out at the pool or on the beach in the summer time. Yet only those that are patient enough and follow the proper steps with training and nutrition are able to achieve an impressive muscular body.

Use the following 15 tips to help you gain lean muscle mass and build a better body that you can be proud of.


1) Make sure that you’re using free weights which are proven to help you gain lean mass faster than machines or cables. Free weights allow you to utilize many different muscles during a lift, thus you’ll end up stimulating more muscle growth.

2) Always go to the gym and focus on working on your weaker body parts first (the priority principle). When you train and develop every bodypart equally, you’ll have a balanced and proportionate looking physique.

3) Incorporate the “big 3” compound movements into your workouts every week (squats, bench press and deadlifts) to ensure that every part is stressed to the maximum during training. Incorporating compound movements into your routine every week guarantees that you’ll gain lean muscle mass on a consistent basis.

4) Avoid doing too many isolation movements and using too many machines. Like I’ve mentioned above, most of your exercises should be free-weight compound movements. Free weights break down more muscle fibers which will allow you to gain lean muscle mass fast.

5) Make sure that you’re warmed up properly before you start lifting weights in order to avoid getting injured or pulling a tendon or a muscle.

If you aren’t warming up before every weight training session, then you’ll get injured sooner or later. Your warm-up should consist of light intensity cardio and a few light sets with weights.

6) To gain lean muscle mass fast, don’t train on consecutive days and make sure that you’re getting enough rest and sleep in-between workout days. Remember, your muscles do not grow while you’re training, but while you’re sleeping and resting properly.

7) If you’re just starting out weight training, or even if you’ve been training for a while, don’t follow the routines out of bodybuilding magazines because they’re designed by and for genetically gifted individuals who use performance enhancing drugs (anabolic steroids). Also, never try to “copy” the training routine of the biggest guy in your gym because he’s most likely been training for years and maybe even uses steroids.

8) Have a 10 minute cool-down after every workout. Do light-intensity cardio and light-stretching after you’ve finished training with weights. This can help in reducing muscle soreness and speed up recovery after an intense weight training session.

9) Aim to progress in either weights or reps at least once every other week. Lifting the same weights for months and never doing more repetitions will lead to a plateau and you’ll stop gaining lean muscle mass and strength.

10) Take an entire week off from all weight training after every few months of training. This will allow your body and muscles to completely recover from all of the training so that you don’t lose your enthusiasm for the gym and so that you don’t end up in an over-trained state.


In order to add lean muscle to your body, you have to eat the right foods at the right times. Weight training has to be combined with a good diet if you want to achieve noticeable muscle building results.

Below are five nutritional tips that you need to make sure you’re following to ensure optimal gains in lean muscle mass and strength.

1) The majority of your calories should come from fresh whole-foods. Anything that’s boxed up and neatly packaged should be avoided because packaged foods are heavily processed and contain fillers, preservatives and artificial ingredients which cause illness and disease. Also, avoid refined foods which contain unhealthy sugars and bad carbohydrates.

2) Consume complex carbohydrates at every meal. Complex carbohydrates digest very slowly and will give you more energy throughout your workouts than fast digesting carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates can be found in whole grains and whole wheat bread.

3) Avoid fatty meats but concentrate on lean meat and white meat like fish and turkey. Eating too much saturated fats found in non-lean beef can increase your risk of heart disease and decrease your good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

4) Avoid simple sugars found in syrups, sweets, non-diet sodas and refined processed foods. Simple carbohydrates are full of empty calories which provide very little to no nutrients that your body will only store as fat.

5) Supplement with the basics such as a daily multivitamin/mineral, whey protein and creatine. Remember, supplements should never replace a solid diet plan, but only make up for the nutritional gaps that can occur in people who train with weights on a regular basis.

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