Can Citrulline Help You Build Muscle?


What is Citrulline?

Citrulline, also known as`citrulline-malate is a non-essential amino acid that’s found in many common foods including meat, fish, eggs, legumes, dairy products and especially in watermelon.`Citrulline-malate can not be metabolized by the liver.

In theory,`citrulline can help raise blood arginine levels which can lead to increased nutrient delivery to muscle tissue during training.

As you may or may not be aware, arginine is a direct pre-cursor to nitric oxide in the body.

Supplement companies that sell`citrulline claim that supplementing with it can raise arginine levels in muscle tissue without any additional L-arginine supplementation.

Supplement companies also claim that`citrulline can reduce lactic acid and ammonia production as well as boost your body’s ATP production during intense exercise.

Very few studies have been done on the effectiveness of`citruline-malate and it’s still questionable weather`citruline-malate actually does everything that some manufacturers claim.

Some studies suggest that supplementing with`citrulline-malate can potentially aid athletes and bodybuilders in a manner similar to creatine, however, this is yet to be proven and based on my own experience, I can say with certainty that`citrulline-malate is not as effective at increasing muscle mass and strength compared to creatine

Is Citrulline An Effective Muscle Builder?

Based on research studies,`cltrulline-malate can potentially help bodybuilders improve workout performance and recover faster after intense training sessions by increasing nitric oxide production in the body and by speeding up the removal of waste by-products produced inside muscle tissue.

Ammonia and lactic acid are produced in the body as a result of intense weight training, which can severely impact workout performance.

Lactic acid causes that intense burning feeling that you experience in the gym while performing the last few reps of a set.

`Citrulline-malate can clear out muscle waste by-products and prevent lactic acid and ammonia accumulation because it plays an important role in a set of complex bodily functions (which I won’t go into detail here) called the Urea Cycle.

That being said, supplementing with`citrulline-malate can be useful in speeding up waste removal during weight training, which can potentially aid in training recovery and thus increase muscle growth.

As far as recommending`citruline, I can’t say yes or no, but rather, give it a try and see if you experience an increase in workout performance, decreased fatigue and an increase in muscle mass and strength.

How To Supplement With Citrulline

The recommended dose for`citrulline-malate is 3,000 milligrams twice a day, with one of those servings taken 30 to 45 minutes before your workout.

You can purchase pure citrulline-malate powder by itself or supplement with a pre-workout nitric-oxide booster (some NO boosters on the market now days contain the recommended dose of`citrulline).

Does Citrulline Have Any Side Effects?

Most people can tolerate`citrulline as it digests pretty quickly after it’s consumed. Be aware that you shouldn’t take`citrulline along with glutamine as doing so can lead to cramps and cause digestion problems.

If you have any problems with your liver, you should stay away from`citrulline supplementation. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have any side effects supplementing with`citrulline as it’s been proven to be a safe supplement at the recommended dosage.

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