Casein Protein For Muscle Building

Casein Protein

Casein protein is a slow-digesting protein source that’s derived from milk. Like whey protein, casein contains muscle building amino acids. However, unlike whey protein which digests rapidly, casein digests very slowly.

Because of its slow digestion, casein is best taken in-between meals or before bed. Casein provides a timed-release of amino acids into muscle tissue which prevents muscle tissue breakdown (catabolism).

I recommend that you use casein before sleep to maintain an anabolic muscle building state. Mix it with whey protein powder so that you have a fast digesting protein source along with a slow digesting protein source.

Also, to reduce muscle tissue breakdown in-between meals when you don’t have the luxury of eating a protein meal, drink a casein-whey shake as a meal replacement in order to avoid slipping into a catabolic muscle wasting state.

You can purchase a casein powder which contains micellar casein and calcium casinate (both great sources of casein protein) or you can eat foods that are high in casein protein such as low-fat cottage cheese, milk and yogurt.

Supplementing with casein is considered safe as long as you don’t suffer from kidney problems. Since casein is derived from milk, lactose intolerant individuals are better off not taking a casein supplement. As with all protein supplements, be sure that you’re drinking enough water as protein requires water in order to be metabolized. Also avoid getting dehydrated when taking protein supplements and for general good health.

Note: Do not take casein post-workout. Like I’ve mentioned above, casein is very slow digesting and it’s best used as a meal replacement and before bed. However, if you’re unable to eat a whole-food meal within 2 hours of training, you can mix casein powder with whey protein powder post-workout to stay in an anabolic muscle building state after intense weight training.

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