Caffeine For Increased Workout Performance & Muscle Strength


Caffeine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that’s found in coffee, dark chocolate, green tea, energy drinks and most carbonated soda drinks, especially cola.

It increases mental alertness and boosts energy, so supplementing with it can potentially increase workout performance and decrease muscle fatigue during workouts.

`Caffiene is the most popular drug in the world thanks to good old coffee. Because of its positive effects on mood and energy levels, it’s very easy to become ‘addicted’ to caffeine and some people go years without ever taking a break from`caffeine consumption.

How Can Caffeine Increase Muscle Growth?

For anyone looking to benefit from the performance enhancing effects of`caffeine, studies show that it can lead to increased muscle strength and increased pain tolerance during intense weight training.

It’s also been shown to reduce the feelings of fatigue and increase endurance due to its stimulating effects. For muscle building purposes, supplementing with`caffeine will not directly increase muscle mass.

However, since studies have shown that it increases muscle strength and reduces fatigue, you’ll benefit from it by being able to lift more weight and train with more intensity, which will have a direct impact on your muscle gains.

Also, studies have shown that it allows your body to utilize more fatty acids for energy during training, instead of muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrates).

Thus, supplementing with`caffeine while you’re in a cutting phase can help speed up fat loss along with keeping your energy levels elevated, which for anyone who has dieted in order to shed body-fat will know, is a good thing.

Bottom line, for physique enhancement purposes (muscle building, strength gain and fat loss)`caffeine is a top-notch supplement.

Most pre-workout nitric-oxide (NO) and fat loss products on the market contain concentrated sources of`caffeine in the form of Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine).

Research has shown that supplementing with a pure`caffeine source is much more effective compared to drinking coffee or green tea, as you’re getting 100% pure`caffeine with nothing else to slow or hinder it’s absorption.

Does Caffeine Supplementation Have Any Side Effects?

If you’re`caffeine/stimulant sensitive, you’d be better off not supplementing with it as it can interfere with sleep and cause anxiety.

If you’re sensitive to`caffeine but you still want to supplement with it for increased strength, more energy/fat loss and less fatigue during your workouts, limit your intake to smaller amounts.

The only way to know for sure if you’re`caffeine sensitive and how much of it you can tolerate on a daily basis is to start taking smaller amounts and gradually increase the dose if you experience no negative side effects.

If you workout in the evenings, then you’d be better off not taking`caffeine at all since it will interfere with your much needed sleep that’s required in order to recover from intense weight training.

Negative side effects and side-effect severity in`caffeine sensitive individuals can vary from person to person and can include symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness.

What Is The Recommended Dose Of Caffeine For Increasing Performance & Strength?

For increasing muscle strength while training, studies have shown that larger amounts of`caffeine work best. Anywhere from 250 to 400 milligrams per day should be enough for most trainees. For an energy boost before training, dosages as little as 50 milligrams have been shown to be effective.

To decrease the feelings of fatigue and increase pain tolerance while lifting, go with the higher amount that I’ve outlined above as from my own personal experience, I could tell a big difference in workout intensity and less muscle pain when taking higher amounts before training.

For fat loss, I recommend that you supplement with at least 100mg in either pill or powder form about an hour before your workout for optimal results.

Again, regardless of why you chose to supplement with`caffeine, be sure to take it in supplement form as studies have shown that your body does a better job of utilizing a pure`caffeine source, as opposed to a caffeine source that comes from food or liquids.

To sum up,`caffeine is a powerful mind stimulant and energy/performance enhancer and it should never be abused. If you’ve never supplemented with`caffeine, asses your tolerance first by taking smaller amounts for a few days before gradually increasing your dose.

Unless you’re sensitive to stimulants, supplementing with`caffeine once a day about 45 minutes before your workouts at the dosages that I’ve outlined above, which are based on your current physique goals, is the best way to use caffeine for physique enhancement purposes.

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