Bodybuilding Supplements - Which Ones To Use For Muscle Growth?

Bodybuilding supplements

Being a competitive bodybuilder, former athlete and a certified personal trainer, I have a natural interest in the way the human body works, as well as the science behind performance enhancing bodybuilding supplements and sports supplements.

The supplement industry is attached to a lot of hype, because there are far too many supplements that are heavily promoted as performance enhancers, fat burners and muscle builders, yet most rarely live up to the advertising claims that are being made by their manufacturers.

Throughout my years of bodybuilding and research, I’ve found out which supplements work better than others, and I’ve used them with success over and over again.

Some muscle building supplements are backed by plenty of scientific research, while many lack any sort of research whatsoever. Below, you’ll get an unbiased and easy to understand description of many popular muscle building supplements and sports supplements.

If you’ve read through this site for any length of time, you should be aware that it takes plenty of dedication and hard work to build impressive muscle size and strength.

Now days, aspiring bodybuilders and muscle building enthusiasts just like you are searching for that “edge” in order to see faster and better results from the time spent in the gym.

There are new discoveries being made almost every single month on supplements that can improve performance, increase muscle size and strength and promote fat loss. Unfortunately, many supplements do not work and there are far too many supplement companies that make false promises.

Trying to figure out which supplements work and which ones don’t can be confusing and even frustrating, as there are literally hundreds of supplements to choose from. It can be downright overwhelming trying to figure out which supplements are worth spending your money on.

That’s why I’ve written this supplement section so that you don’t have to waste weeks or even months doing tons of research trying to figure it all out on your own.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any supplement company and what you’re about to read contains no hype or any false or misleading information. I gain nothing by misleading you and I have no vested interest in any of the bodybuilding supplements that we’re about to discuss.

But before I give you my unbiased opinion of some the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market, there’s something I have to mention, and that is: no supplement (no matter what the manufacturer claims) can ever replace a proper training and nutrition program.

There are absolutely no “shortcuts” to building a bigger, stronger and more muscular physique!

If you believe that a pill or powder can do all the work for you while you sit back and watch TV, then you’re in for a major disappointment.

It does not matter what you might have read in a bodybuilding magazine, because the truth is; 95% of all bodybuilding supplements on the market today are almost completely worthless!

How can that be you ask?

That’s because EVERY major bodybuilding and fitness magazine is owned by a supplement company! Muscle building magazines do not make the majority of their income from subscriptions, but from supplement sales.

Flip through any major bodybuilding magazine, now tell me what you see on almost every single page?

If you answered “supplement advertisements”... you’re right!

You see, the way you train, the foods you eat every day and the amount of sleep that you get every night will determine the amount of muscle growth that you’ll experience, and not the bodybuilding supplements that you’re using.

If you use the supplements that I outline on this website intelligently, you can expect to see a 5% to 10% difference in muscle size and strength when they’re combined with a solid and effective weight training and nutrition program.

Before you start taking any bodybuilding supplements, be sure that you’re implementing the training, nutrition and recovery guidelines that I outline throughout this website.

What Exactly Are Supplements?

Instead of discussing the vast, complex and boring subject of supplement “bio-science” that no one other than the most hardcore science geeks are interested in, I will give you the most important and easy to understand definition of what supplements are.

The word “supplement” is generally used to describe a compound that occurs naturally in foods and liquids. When these compounds or nutrients are extracted, we’re left with a single concentrated element such as a mineral, an antioxidant, a vitamin, an amino acid, an herb etc...

Unlike anabolic steroids or fat loss drugs, ‘dietary supplements’ do not require a doctors prescription in order to be purchased. Most health supplements and bodybuilding supplements can be bought in a grocery store, a health food store and at supplement shops.

In some countries such as Canada, supplements that are available over the counter here in the US can only be acquired with a prescription, and some bodybuilding supplements are not available at all. This is due to the variations of laws of the United States and other countries.

In the US, The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has the power to ban a supplement if the supplement manufacturer...

A) Makes a “drug claim” (states that the supplement can cure a disease, illness etc...)

B) Includes a prescription drug or a banned substance inside of a supplement (which is illegal).

In the "Bodybuilding Supplements" section below, I will not talk about muscle building drugs (anabolic steroids, growth hormone, etc...). We also won’t discuss fat loss supplements, fat loss drugs or any compounds that are not meant for muscle building.

But rather, we will strictly discuss sports supplements and bodybuilding supplements that can increase workout performance, decrease muscle fatigue and speed up recovery from intense weight training.

Below, I will list the most popular and widely known bodybuilding supplements that I’ve used myself. These are the supplements that have worked well for me and that I personally use or have used in the past.

After muscle building supplements, all other supplements are listed including health supplements as well as fat loss supplements.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Whey Protein
Casien Protein
Soy Protein
Amino Acids
Weight Gain Powder
Protein Bars/Meal Replacement Powder

Sports Supplements

Beta Alanine
Simple Carbohydrates
Nitric Oxide

Health Supplements

--Coming soon--
Fish Oil
Digestive Enzymes

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